About SEA

The Saudi Economic Association (SEA) was established at the Department of Economics, King Saud University, in 1407 H. It occupies an important position among the academic associations due to role it plays in organizing symposia and conferences, publishing academic research and providing economic consulting services, as well as its educational role in providing its members with the new developments in its field of specialization in collaboration with relevant government entities and research centers. The SEA aims at facilitating exchange of scientific knowledge and thought in the economic field among the relevant individuals and institutions. The SEA also organizes forums in which specialists from various entities gather together to discuss relevant research works. It, sometimes, also organizes seminars, lectures, as well as cultural and educational activities.


The Saudi Economic Association aims at achieving the following:

1. Promoting economic thought and establishing local conceptual reference, but open to the rest of the world.

2. Enhancing scientific exchange and interaction among members of the Association.

3. Providing specialized economic consultancies to concerned entities in both public and private sectors.

4. Improving scientific and professional performance of its members.

5. Facilitating exchange of scientific knowledge and thoughts in the fields of interest between relevant organizations and institutions inside the Kingdom and abroad.

6. Providing a scientific forum for discussion of economic issues.

7. Representing the Saudi economists in the Arab and global forums.

8. Establishing linkages with the Arab and global economic associations and organizations.

9. Encouraging scientific research in all aspects related to Saudi economy.

10. To write and translate and compiling specialized economic books.

11. Granting annual prizes to outstanding economic research prepared by students.

12. Granting university scholarships in economics for excellent Saudi students.


The Saudi Economic Association tends to achieve its objectives by using suitable means and particularly, it practices the following activities:

1. Encouraging scientific research and consultations.

2. Writing and translating books in the field of economics.

3. Conducting studies related to development of applied aspects.

4. Organizing courses, seminars and symposia related to the fields of interest of the Association.

5. Publishing studies, reviews and periodicals related to fields of interest of the Association.

6. Participating in national and international conferences and exhibitions related to fields of interest of the Association.

7. Inviting related scholars and intellectuals to participate in the activities of the Association in accordance with the established rules and measures organizing this matter.

8. Organizing scientific trips for members as well as competitions in the field of competence.

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