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replica Purse 65 points submitted 11 hours agoPeople who are fully aware of what Trump doing and still support him at this point are basically a lost cause. The only Trump supporters in my mind who are redeemable are the ones who are just straight up uninformed and making them informed is going to be more work then it worth. The rest on the other hand are irredeemable.What Democrats should really focus on is getting out the vote and eliminating voter suppression, because they designer replica luggage don need Trump supporters and shouldn want them either.LightningMcLovin 25 points submitted 10 hours agoLol so you taking an academic paper about the potential cost of not just an immigrant but the entirety of their children and those decedents and trying to shoehorn that into a simple talking point about how much the caravan could cost? I mean for christ sake half of it is assumptions we could pick apart all day like:This is shown in the second panel in Parts 1 and 2, where it is assumed that an immigrant’s arrival raises spending on public goods such as defense (and therefore the calculation includes the average cost of public goods as part of the immigrant’s fiscal costs).So we buy more tanks when people cross the border illegally do we? Not to mention this has fuck all to do with illegal immigration.Your paper is about immigration in buy replica bags its entirety best replica designer bags replica Purse.

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